Boat: Bell Wildfire, Photos:

Hi! My name is Mark Maier and I love paddling. Like most open canoists I started off in a tandem canoe. Later I changed to solo canoeing. I learned paddling by taking instruction courses from Rick Kramer, Wouter Kieboom and Heinz Götze. Next to 'normal' canoe touring I do Marathon, Freestyle and Canadian Style canoeing. I like using various stroke techniques like e.g. the indian stroke or the sit & switch technique, and the corresponding paddle types. In October 2006 I got my certification as an ACA instuctor for flatwater open canoe. I give open canoe instruction for the Canoe Club Odysseus in Alkmaar (NL) and for Kanosport Zwalker in Bergschenhoek (NL).

Freestyle Canoeing I picked up in 2004, taking lessons from Jörg Wagner and from Becky & Mark Molina. I now give Freestyle demonstrations and workshops at e.g. the season's opening an closure events of Outdoor Valley, at the annual Dutch Open Canoe Meeting, the International Canoe Symposium, the UK Open Canoe Symposium or at Kringelfieber, the biggest Freestyle event in Europe. In July 2007 I got my certification as an ACA Freestyle instructor.

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