Boat: Ally Solo 13.7, Photo: Jurjen Bolsenbroek, André Linke

To get started with Freestyle, you actually don't need specialised equipment. Most canoes will do, as will most paddles provided they are straight. Because in Freestyle you will be kneeling a lot, a comforatble kneeling pad is adviseable. Don't forget your PFD!

Of course there are boats that are more suitable and boats that are less suitable for Freestyle. A good boat has high secondary stability, i.e. it won't suddenly tip over if you push the gunwhale down to the water - soft chines will help. It should track well if it is level. The volume of the boat should fit the paddler's weight.

On this website you can see me paddling in various types of boats. The canoe shown on the left is a foldable canoe.

Usually Freestyle paddles are straight, so they can be used from both sides without difference. For certain moves this is important. Often paddles have a slightly larger blade than standard paddles, and they have sharp edges, which is good for slicing through the water. Some Freestyle canoeists use paddles that are a few inches longer than their normal touring paddle.