Paddler: Anita Lamour, Michigan, USA

There are six basic moves in Freestyle. Those are: Axle, Post, Christie, Wedge, Sideslip and Gimbal. The first four are turns of 180° or more. The Christie is the widest of the turns, Axle and Post are tighter ones and the Wedge is the most radical of the four. A Sideslip is a movement askew without the canoe turning, and the Gimbal is a rotation on the spot.

Each Freestyle move consists in principal of five elements: Initiation, placement, conclusion, heel and pitch. All moves can be executed on each of the four quadrants: Forward, reverse, cross forward and cross reverse.

On top of this there are many variations of those moves, varying in difficulty. Those can e.g. concern the position from which the move is executed, like the high knee forward thrust position, or a transverse or even reverse kneeling position.

If the variations of moves are kind of the 'free' part of Freestyle Canoeing, then elegant and smooth performance of the moves is the 'style' part: Freestyle!