Boat: Mohawk (Indian Canoe) Solo 13, Photo: Kai Strieder

I give Freestyle instruction according to the ACA curriculum. This curriculum consists of five levels and each level takes about one day. How far we will actually get in a day will of course depend on the students - everybody learns at his/her own pace.

A solo boat, a straight paddle and a PFD will be sufficient to start with. Additionally, a kneeling pad is recommended. Good basic paddling skills will of course be advantageous, and I will review them at the beginning of each course.

In Alkmaar, where I live, there is lots of water and usually it is no problem to find a suitable spot for Freestyle instruction. If you want to camp overnight, Camping Alkmaar is only 250 m of portage from the water and close to a number of good instruction sites. As an alternative I recommend the Bed & Breakfast De Pinksterbloem in the neighbour town of Bergen. If it is desired I will come to teach at other places, too. Suitable paddling locations should be well protected from current, wind and waves.

Instruction can be given individually or in groups of up to five participants. See my agenda for the next course!