Advanced quietwater paddling technique allows performing open canoe manoeuvres with ease that otherwise would require much muscle power or many paddling strokes. Freestyle Canoeing is the 'haut école' of open canoe flatwater paddling. It is all about efficient use of body, boat and paddle. By combining precision paddle strokes with specific changes of weight distribution in the boat we achieve maximum boat movement with a mere minium of effort.

Freestyle technique is not only applicable to quietwater paddling, but can be very helpful also in moving water (click) situations. Learning Freestyle paddling technique will improve your boat control under all circumstances.

Freestyle combines smoothness and elegance with open canoe paddling. It is fun to do and it is also beautiful to watch. Some people do Freestyle to music: Let your canoe dance!

You can learn Freestyle Canoeing: I am a certified ACA (American Canoe Association) Freestyle instructor.